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We get a lot of questions about what knives should be considered for carry and personal defense. Please understand the knives we are discussing below are not the knives you should be pulling out to open boxes, envelopes or to give yourself a manicure. These knives are carried for one reason, personal defense. They should be kept sharp, dust/lint free and clean. In other words ready for action in the event you need it. If you need a utility knife to open things, cool, that is a different application though. Keep that knife in a bag, purse, or in your pocket for those times you need a knife to open things with.

Also, you should get training with your knife, and then continue to practice with what you learn in that training. The biggest thing you want to make sure of is that your training is in “context” for your intended use. Just like repelling from a helicopter with a slinged rifle is not plausible use for a law abiding citizen who carries a gun for personal defense we wouldn’t want to focus our knife training on “context’s” that we most likely wont find our selves in.

What is plausible use of a knife in a personal defense context?
-Carry Options
-Carry Location on Body
-Access to Blade
-Knife methodologies for your mode of carry
-Knife Applications
-“IFWA” In Fight Weapons Access” a term coined I believe by Craig Douglas, a.k.a. SouthNarc of Shivworks
-Using the knife to create distance to access your gun.
-Using the knife against a bigger/stronger/ or more skilled adversary to end or separate in an entangled fight.

Below are knifes that we think are 100% considerable if the above applications are something that you have considered. By no means is it a full list, but they are knifes that we can, with out a doubt, recommend without hesitation. We also have listed a few websites that offer upgrades to the products listed. Just because a knife is not on this list does not mean that it should not be considered. This is also a fluid list, as new knifes enter the market we may add or in some cases subtract from this list.

Training Opportunities
Craig Douglas of Shivworks, A.K.A. SouthNarc
Chris Fry of MDTS Training
Cecil Burch of IA Combatives
Personal Defense Network


TAD Shivworks Clinch Pick

UPGRADES TO THE “China Pick” I.E. The TAD Version
PHLSTER Makes some custom sheaths for the live blade and the trainer.
Dark Star Gear offers and makes some custom sheath options for the china pick as well.
Watson knives offers some upgrades to the blade itself as well as the micarta handles and the kydex sheaths.

CRKT Minimalist

Paul Moore BoB “Clinch Pick Copy

Ban Tang Clinch Pick or other SD Knives (Pikal and double edge pkal)
Spencer Keeper who makes the best AIWB holster in the world offers a custom sheath for the Ban Tang Clinch Pick model.

Spyderco Fred Perrin Street Beat (FB15P)

Laci Szabo’s Designs “Felony Stop” Made by TOPS Knives

Spyderco Delica w/ Emerson Wave Opener

Spyderco Endura w/ Emerson Wave Opener

Spyderco Yojimbo 2

Spyderco P’kal

Blackhawk Crucible II Folder


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